Should We Be Excited By Alex Rodriguez’s Return?

Yesterday, a friend of mine and I took a drive to Cooperstown. It was beautiful and fitting on the day of Alex Rodriguez’s comeback game. We were listening to satellite radio on the way down and listening to all the coverage of A-Rod’s return. Many people have opposing arguments for and against this great player. Now I’m being careful when I use great in association with Rodriguez. We live in a nation where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I believe in that and I believe that baseball is the fantastic game it is because of players like Stan Musial, Ryne Sandberg, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax and Phil Rizzuto. Of course there are so many players to name. Go to the Hall of Fame and you will see them there enshrined on plaques and their memories behind glass.

There’s a certain feeling seeing mementos from eras that most of us never had a chance to be there. Cy Young-wow, the greatest pitcher to ever play the game. I’d like to believe he’d be amazed at the accomplishments of Roger Clemens and maybe he might be a little sad as well.

Babe Ruth would be in awe if he were alive to see A-Rod try to beat these records. Then again, the Sultan of Swat would challenge A-Rod to a home run derby.

For now, Alex Rodriguez can still play the game. It’s not Joe Girardi’s job to comment on the allegations and suspensions but PED’s don’t belong in baseball. If Alex Rodriguez took PED’s then A-Rod doesn’t belong in the game.

We sat at Doubleday Field and watched a game of pick up and it was relaxing. The sun was shining and we didn’t have anywhere to go but there. We cheered for every hit that was cracked on both teams. It was incredible and one of the memories I took from that sacred place is baseball is a past time. Yesterday, we past the time beautifully.



  1. sarahlouisek · August 6, 2013

    Sounds like a wonderful day. Can you believe I have never been to Cooperstown?


  2. Dave · August 7, 2013

    Never been there. Must do that.

    You named many I got to see as a kid….brings back lots of great baseball memories. Too young for Ruth & don’t remember Rizzuto, either. All the rest….great memories!

    The game has been tainted, and there will probably be questions left unanswered as there were in the 70s & 80s.


  3. strictlycubsbaseball · August 7, 2013

    Sounds like a good trip. I wish I lived close enough to do that. Unfortunately, I don’t. As for A-ROD. I’m sick and tired of him. If it’s true he cheated, which I personally believe, then I think he should get a lifetime ban. Gio Gonzalez was cleared on this issue and I’m glad he was. I wanted to believe Ryan Braun after his first incident. Now I am disgusted that I believed him. I guess it’s a case by case scenario for me. As for A-ROD, I’m done with him.


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