Cubs Tired of Starlin Castro

What to do about Starlin Castro? Is it time to trade him? Yesterday, Starlin Castro “Fell asleep at the wheel” in the fifth inning in a 4-0 loss to the much maligned St. Louis Cardinals.

It’s been a lesson in discipline for the young shortstop since coming up to the big leagues in 2010. His, “blunderings” continue and now it could be perhaps, time for him to go. His 60 million dollar contract with the Cubs might be an albatross of sorts, but I’m sure there’s a few teams who could use a talented shortstop.

Let me set this up: Bases loaded and Cardinals have the lead 1-0. An in field pop up to Castro. One out, but Castro didn’t see Jon Jay running for home. Castro realized his goof but it was too late. Jay scores the run.

“I knew the outs and everything, but I put my head down and made a mental mistake,” Starlin Castro said. “I don’t want to make any excuses for that. It’s my mistake, and that’s why I paid for that — that’s why I came out of the game. I feel really, really bad that it happened, especially with Woody pitching good.

The only problem with that Starlin, is you’re in the big leagues now. If that were say, Junior Lake? We’d forgive him but you’ve been up in the majors for a few years now so there’s no excuse for those types of plays. Sorry Dude, that doesn’t cut it.

“There are only so many meetings, so many things you can say,” Dale Sveum said. “When you’ve played this much baseball, you have to do it yourself.”

So, do the Cubs try to deal him in the off-season? or should they stick with him one more year. I’ve got a funny feeling that Theo Epstein won’t hesitate to look at someone else in the shortstop role.

The Cubs will try to rebound today when Edwin Jackson takes to the mound. Game Time is 2:20pm.


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