The Frustration Continues

cubs vs marlins

You can toss all the clichés aside. You know the ones I’m talking about, “Taking it one game at a time.”, “It’s a rebuilding season” hell, all you have to do is watch the fantastic Bull Durham in order to get the idea. Last night, we saw the Cubs go from being behind 3-2 to having bases loaded Runners In Scoring Position to eventually losing to the Miami Marlins, 6-2


That’s right. The Miami Marlins. That same much hyped team that exploded and moved up to Toronto to become another much hyped team to eventually becoming, well, the Toronto Blue Jays.

I can hear all the stand up comedians in clubs across the USA, “The Cubs are so bad, they’re losing to the Marlins.”

Of course I’m kidding.

Edwin Jackson had a rough game and he hasn’t won since the end of July. Will he be around here next season? Well, of course he will be around. He’s got a $52 million dollar contract. I can guarantee that he’ll be down in the rotation.

“It’s definitely been a disappointing season,” said Jackson “ But every lesson is a lesson learned. You either accept it and be complacent with it, or find a way to keep working hard and get ready to bounce back.

Did you catch the clichés?

Brian Bogusevic continued to impress with a monster of a home run in the fifth inning to put the Cubs up 3-1

The problem last night was again not capitalizing with runners in scoring position which we talked about earlier and has been the Cubs greatest concern all season.

“As a starter, you really can’t worry about runs,” Jackson said. “If you’re not scoring a lot, then the pitching and defense has to be there. If you’re a starter and out there worrying about run support, you won’t get too far in the game. It’s one of those things you can’t control.”

There the truth comes out from the man. The Cubs are not scoring a lot of runs.

Hopefully that changes today when the Shark, Jeff Samardzija takes to the mound. Game time is 2:20



  1. Minoring In Baseball · September 5, 2013

    I can easlily see the frustration of Cubs fans. I guess maybe that’s way I follow a few different teams, as one has a good chance of doing well. I hope these young guys gain experience, and maybe they can add a solid player or two in the off-season. Win or lose, enjoy the season while it lasts, though. We both have long cold winters ahead of us…


  2. The Cub Den · September 7, 2013

    It’ll be a long one for sure. I still believe good things are ahead but it won’t be easy.


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