Lake Runs Deep

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs

It’s kind of odd watching the Cubs play at this time of year. The bleachers are half empty, apparently getting children off to baseball practice or waiting in line to pick them up at schools seems a lot more important than watching the Cubs. However, for those of us who watched the game yesterday witnessed the Cubs put on a clinic for the Milwaukee Brewers beating them 8-5 in front of that sparse crowd at Wrigley Field.

School was in for newcomer Junior Lake as he belted out his first career grand slam. It’s a shame that he wasn’t around since the start of the year, he most definitely would have wound up with Rookie of The Year considerations.

The most impressive thing about Junior Lake’s game is his unselfishness. With two men on base in the third, Lake decided to bunt. He could have tried for another Home Run, but instead he proved to millions of Cubs fans why he’ll be around this ball club for many years to come, and perhaps, be there when they win it all.

“I know I can hit another home run,” Lake said, “but it’s not about me, it’s about the team. I think it helps the team if I bunt for a base hit or make a sac bunt.”

It’s September baseball in the windy city. No Magic Numbers, no packed stadiums and a little chill in the air reminding everyone to book their Cubs Convention tickets for the winter.

“If you’re not finishing first or going to the playoffs, it’s not a good season, no matter how you look at it. We’re trying to do some things and win that game that day.” said Dale Sveum.

Who knows? Maybe when baseball expands the next time around, they’ll add a few more playoff spots for the Fall Classic.

The Cubs are playing for respect today at 4:05 eastern time when Jake Arrieta tries to pull ahead of the Brewers in the battle in the basement game.



  1. sirrahh · September 7, 2013

    Attendance always falls off in September, but this year’s team is just bad. Lake is a nice story, but it feels like the team is a clear-cut patch of forest. All of the valuable items have been traded away, and now there’s nothing left.


  2. Dave · September 8, 2013

    Wait til next year……or, the year after that. Well, there’s always 2016…


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