Cubs Wing It

Kris Bryant Gets a Two Run Shot With his First At Bat.

Kris Bryant Gets a Two Run Shot With his First At Bat.

Well, I wasn’t expecting that. The Angels trounced our fearless Cubs 15-3. All right, maybe I was expecting that. It’s the freakin’ Angels!

The great news is that fans caught glimpses of Kris Bryant and Javier Baez which is exactly what all this spring training hoopla is all about, right? Well, Kris Bryant blasted a two run shot at his first At Bat. Now, that’s pretty awesome stuff. Any Naysayers out there? I didn’t think so. Even though it’s spring heat and in all likelihood there’s a miracle in Chicago, Bryant will be sent down at the end of the month. That’s okay too. Why? Because there’s something happening in the Cubs organization. Something fantastic.

“I felt good up there. I was not nervous at all and saw a lot of pitches, which was good,” Bryant said. “Home runs don’t mean anything if you don’t win the game, so that’s a little disappointing. For myself, it was a good performance.”

Not all of the prospects had a great outing, well, I shouldn’t say that but in Bryant’s case it was a little skill and a little luck. Albert Almoras had a hit and Javier Baez and Jorge Soler showed their gracefulness in their swings.

I like Kris Bryant. he says all the right things and I’m seeing a lot of chemistry with the prospects. Which is good. I like what Rick Renteria is doing by letting these kids play. They might not be ready this year, but dropping them in against tough teams like the Angels is just going to boost their confidence. I still believe that they might end up at Wrigley sometime this year. Late this year, but the Cubs are in a good position to do that. They’re a dangerous team on the cusp of something really special.

Another talent that has gotten some notice is Starlin Castro. Once the darling of the MLB, last season he fell into a slump, but if his game against the Diamondbacks is any indication of the return to form that most Cubs fans have been waiting for, well folks, maybe Starlin Castro is back.

“I hope to see basically a young man who is trying to put himself back on the level of playing that he did a few years ago,” Renteria said. “That kid is still there.

This is what I’m talking about with Renteria. I think finally the Cubs have the right guy for the job. He believes in the talent and growth of the young players but this is all new with Rick. A first time manager with respect and admiration across the board. Now, he’s got to groom Castro into a leader because once the prospects come up in Bryant, Soler, Baez and Almora; Starlin won’t be “The Kid” anymore. He’ll be the leader on the team and the guy passing on his wisdom. Much like Anthony Rizzo will be.

Let’s Play Two!


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  1. Minoring In Baseball · March 1, 2014

    This kid is gonna be a good one. I’ve had the chance to watch some Cubbies baseball on over the weekend. So good to have baseball back, and to actually see green grass.


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