Javier Baez Shows His Power


Did anyone see the rocket that Javier Baez fired into the stands yesterday? Well folks, he just might make the lineup for Opening Day. No kidding. With Starlin Castro out for a week or so, Baez has proven he can play with the best of them. He also gave the Cubs their first win this spring. not too bad at all.

So, the burning question on every Cubs fans mind today is, “Does he deserve to be there this season?”

One game doesn’t make a ball player, but if yesterday’s home run is any indication; I say, “Why not?”

Hey listen, short stop is Starlin’s spot, there’s no question about that, but Baez could play other spots and yet, he could take over for Starlin if Castro has another disastrous season. That’s a huge What If?

This spring is going to prove that the Cubs have some tough decisions to make and I still think they should just experiment and have fun this year. See what happens.

The Cubs will get a good look at Kyle Hendricks today against the Athletics.

I was really glad to see Ryan Braun back. What a guy, what power. An amazing player, truly gifted.

No. Give back that MVP, bonehead.


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