Cubs Looking Green


Feeling Lucky today? Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Cubs are 8-9 this Spring. I’m pretty satisfied with that record, are you? The great part is the drama in camp and I don’t mean the bad stuff either. Will Javier Baez make the squad? Or will Mike Olt be the lock at third with Luis Valbuena being their utility guy.

Yesterday, Chris Rusin was in great shape by limiting the Mets to a run while in the Cubs/Indians matchup saw Travis Wood Struck out eight batters.

As the Spring Training wears on, the Cubs are looking better and better. The Cubs are four games out of first meaning nothing. Let’s look at the possibilities here. Here’s the thing. The Cubs could put Mike Olt at third, Starlin Castro at Short Stop, Javier Baez at second(alternating with Darwin Barney) and Anthony Rizzo at first. That’s a good scenario to have or alternate at third base which would be an even better spot to try Javier.

The original plan was to wait until next year, but sending Kris Bryant, Albert Almora and Jorge Soler down there, the Cubs can’t afford to not bring Baez up this year. The Cubs want to compete next year. That’s the target and the plan for Jed and Theo. I’m buying into that plan, but grooming Javier this year and then bringing the other guys up next year is a smart thing to do. The kid’s got power in his swing which is something Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney hasn’t lived up to.

In many ways, the Cubs have put themselves in an awkward position. They’ve got too much depth. Just like green beer that’s not quite ready, the Cubs are finally putting together a refreshing team that’s going to excite fans and the cash register for years to come.

The Cubs are feeling green today not only because it’s that infamous Irish Day, but the Cubs are facing the Athletics and the Angels. Maybe the Cubs should just bring their A game.

So, put your green on and raise a glass!



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