What’s On Second?

One of the funny things about having a young child at home is teaching him about all the cool things we grew up with and enjoyed. It could be baseball teams, movies, action figures and super heroes. They love it all and fall into whatever the parents love. Our little cub loves the Cubs.

Recently, my wife and I were in a book store and saw this picture book version of the classic Abott and Costello sketch, “Who’s On First?”

It’s a great little book and an even better way to teach kids about this great game. The problem we’re having is that it’s far more funny watching a three year old stumble his way through the mistaken conversation and getting genuinely frustrated at the complexity of the situation.

“Third base!”

Sure he gets confused with Who’s on first, What’s on second and I don’t know’s on third. My wife and I read it to him and he listens intently when we read the 2014 edition of the 1953 classic. Just like the game of baseball, it’ll never lose its appeal.

He yells out,”I don’t know!” and when we ask about the pitcher, his response is “What?” and we reply,”Second Base.” He doesn’t get it of course but the game and the skit is like a three year old. It’s innocent, funny, confusing and frustrating and yet makes the most perfect sense.

Just in case you were wondering, Javier Baez fired his fifth rocket of the spring. You didn’t think I’d forget now, did you?

Believe It.


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