Starlin Castro Getting It Together


There was a taunting coming from outside. High up in a leafless tree in the backyard, there was a taunting.

All right, it was chirping and it came from a Cardinal. Those beautiful crimson avian things. Except this is spring and this bird wasn’t really taunting me. It was possibly doing what birds do in spring and that folks is a whole other blog.

Then again to a Cubs fan, the sign of a Cardinal in a tree? Quoth the Cardinal, Nevermore.

Hopefully Emilio Bonifacio can continue with the triples this season in a 7-1 loss against the Padres yesterday. I’ve got a good feeling about him this season.

Starlin Castro is on the mend and the regular season is getting closer. Will he be ready? Will he have a better year?

“Really close,” Castro said. “I don’t know the day now to play in a big league game, but I can say I’m really close. I got a base hit over there and was running hard and turned and felt pretty good, didn’t feel anything.”

There’s an advantage that the young players have over the veterans on the Cubs team and that is during the dog days of July and August, the guys might be able to withstand the heat where the more grizzled players will find it challenging. Not that the Cubs will be there in September competing for that Wild Card spot, but why not? It’s a possibility, but anything can happen this year.

There’s that damn Cardinal again.


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