In Emilio Bonifacio We Trust

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates

Well that sure was a long game now, wasn’t it? You have to hand it to Rick Renteria, he’s always smiling. maybe that’s just the sign of a young season. The 16 inning marathon at PNC Park was a record in length and the Cubs will have to drink plenty of coffee for the 12:30 start today against the Pirates.

All right, there was a few things that happened with the Cubs in yesterday’s 4-3 loss to Pittsburgh. Anthony Rizzo hit a monster of a home run and Emilio Bonifacio has quickly made a case for MVP candidate. Yeah, you know it’s April when…

Truth is that Bonifacio has played outstanding. Will this go down as the acquisition of the year? or just plain old luck. Emilio had five hits. Yeah, that’s right. Five hits! Well folks it’s also a record. He’s gotten nine hits in two games. That’s pretty friggin’ awesome. He belongs with the likes of Wade Boggs in 1994, Showboat Fisher in 1930, Dante Bichette in 1998 and Ira Flagstead in 1926, all who have gotten at least four hits in their first two games.

“We did everything we possibly could do and just fell short,” Rick Renteria said. “The guys didn’t quit. They kept coming back, and I think that’s a good sign for all of us. As they say, the worm will turn, and as long as we keep going out there and playing the way we’re playing now, good things are bound to happen.”

If the Cubs do indeed finish at the bottom of the division, then if the Cubs refuse to quit and shrug their shoulders, then this season will be a success and fans will accept that.

It’s still way too early to tell, but if he continues to get on base and move the bases then guys like Rizzo and Junior Lake and Starlin Castro will get those pesky RBI’s.

This was a moral win for the North Siders. it’s a confidence booster and good things are coming this season.

Believe it.


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