Cubs Show Heart But Pirates Battle Back

CT 0411_spt_cubs_pirates_02.JPG

The one thing that nobody can take away from the Chicago Cubs and that is they keep everything exciting. Having a 4-0 lead going into the seventh inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates was not an easy task to do, but somehow the Cubs managed to do it. Then a funny thing happened. The Bullpen took over.

Travis Wood pitched a great game with nine strikeouts.

“He did a great job,” Cubs manager Rick Renteria said of his lefty. “We sent him back out there (for the seventh), and it was going to be if a guy gets on, he’s done.”

Yup, I think that was great leaving Wood out there. If Renteria shows faith in his pitchers, they’re going to get the job done as witnessed tonight.

These one run games are killing me. I can’t stand the pressure and it’s apparent the Cubs need some juggling around to fix this problem, but now for the good stuff.

“This year, it’s closer in every game, more intensity in every game,” Starlin Castro said. “We’ve got energy in the dugout that we can tie the game or win the game. It’s tough sometimes to lose a game like that. It’s tough, but that’s the game.”

Yes, Mr. Starlin Castro went 3-4 and whatever he’s doing, keep doing it buddy cause it’s working.

Tonight is going to be a tough one for sure. The Cubs face the arch nemesis, St Louis Cardinals when Jeff Samardzija gets the start against Joe Kelly. This is the first time that Rick Renteria will see the rivalry between the two clubs.

The Shark is eying his first win of the season and it’s n ot going to be an easy task against the birds. To me, this will be a turning point for the Cubs. if they can hold their own against the Cardinals, and perhaps take the series, then it could turn around their season.

“I see these guys work every day and I know what they’re doing,” Samardzija said after his last start, speaking of the Cubs’ hitters. “If it was a different situation and I thought they were lazy, it’d be different. Guys come to work every day and do everything they can. It’s early in the season and we’ll keep going, keep pushing and figure this out.”

The Cubs may not be there in talent yet, or that’s not fair, they’re not where they want to be because we all know that they’ve got quality guys out there. What I mean to say is they’re a hard working team with a lot of hustle so far this season.

Exciting things to come.

Believe it.


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