Cubs Could Use Javier Baez Now, Mr. Epstein


If the Cubs have any hopes in competing this season, I think they should call up Javier Baez. He’s a fan favourite and was tearing it up in Spring Training. Imagine the youth movement on the team with Junior Lake, Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo and Baez? Yes folks, they might not be playoff bound, but fans would surly clamour to the Ivy Field this season not only to share in the centennial bash, but to witness some deep long balls.

The question remains though, Is Javier Baez ready?

I’m sure Baez would answer with an enthusiastic, Yes!

All right, management doesn’t want to rush him and I sympathise with them, but consider the draw he’d be? Listen, I like Darwin Barney but his days are numbered. The Cubs can get someone decent in return.

Javier Baez is on the injured list but when he gets back, the Cubs need him. The excitement he brought in Spring will only continue this season. He needs a real test and it’s not in Triple A. To be honest, I’m glad the Cubs pencilled Mike Olt in for the season, but out of the two, I really did think that Javier Baez was the guy they would keep in the season instead of him. You know, out of the two.

Theo Epstein needs to keep his job. He has to infuse some sort of shot into the team to prove to the fans and critics alike that his rebuilding plan is working. Calling up Javier Baez would be a great start and a vote of confidence in him that he’s doing the right thing.

Javier Baez only has a sprained ankle, it’s a minor injury and should heal well. if the Cubs do call him up, they’ll have to make sure he has limited playing time and that’s ok with me. We know he can hit the long ball. I mean those things are rockets. He was tearing it up in Iowa before getting injured and all he needs to do once he gets back is play a few games and then get called up.

Theo, if you’re reading this, the Cubs need Baez. Now.

Believe it!


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