Cubs Turn Back The Clock On the Cardinals And See The Future

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs

So, there were a few great things that came out of the Cubs valiant effort last night against the St. Louis Cardinals. Ok, there was many great things.

Another amazing grab by the exciting Emilio Bonifacio. The Cubs carried a tie into the ninth inning and well, Hector Rondon discovered just how frustrating baseball can be.

“For me, this helped me a lot,” Rondon said of facing the Cardinals. “In my mind, I know I need to be more aggressive. It happened today, and OK, we lost the game, but we won the series, and that’s a good sign for us.”

That’s exactly what the Cubs did, they won the series and now improve their record to 11-18. That’s right folks, the Cubs win record is in the double digits. Whew!

Hey, how about those spiffy 1929 retro uniforms? The Cubs looked great yesterday and were in tough with the Cardinals, but they kept it close in the 5-4 loss.

“We had to capitalize on the limited chances we had, and we did that with the bat,” Jason Hammel said. “It was a grind all the way through.”

I think after Bonifacio’s incredible grab in center field, the other Cub’s play of the game goes to Luis Valbuena who had that great triple. He’s that quiet guy who goes about his business and gets the job done.

The Cubs were aggressive yesterday and that’s a great sign of things to come.

“OK, we lose the game,” Hector Rondon said, “but we win the series.”

Look out, the Cubs are on their way!

Believe it!


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