Cub’s Shark Samardzija Getting Chummy With Theo.

CT Cubs_Sox14234.JPG

As one of the biggest supporters of Jeff Samardzija, I think he pitched one hell of a game last night. In light of the recent comments that former Cubs pitcher matt Garza has made, “pitch your way out of there” (oh yeah, that lower case on his first name is not by accident in case you’re wondering). The Shark struck out seven batters over nine innings and do you think he stopped there? Nope. He scored a run to boot and that my friends, is how a pitcher is supposed to do it.


The Cubs still lost to hometown rivals Chicago White Sucks, 3-1 in twelve innings. It was a tough loss for the Shark because he’s still searching for his first win of the season.

“You do your job,” Samardzija said. “I’m just going out and doing my job and doing my part to win a ballgame. I can’t control things on the outside. It’s not my job. Every fifth day is my job and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

No matter what’s going on off the field, Samardzija is at least, giving the illusion that he wants to remain a Cub. I like that. So, whatever Samardzija’s intentions are, whether he’s padding his stats for a possible deal or is doing it for the team, there’s no denying that he’s an elite pitcher and the Cubs should do the right thing and sign him to an extension.

“He’s big,” shortstop Starlin Castro said Monday. “That’s one of the guys you need when you try to be a winning team. . . . But I don’t make those decisions.”

I’ve discussed before about those big game pitchers like the Adam Wainwrights who are capable of pitching those complete games which he did five times last season and giving that bullpen the much needed rest that they deserve and in the Cub’s case need.

Listen up Theo and Jed. Keep Samardzija happy.

Believe it.


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