Cubs have a saying,”It’s Olt-a Here!”

CT sox-cubs033.JPG

You know, for all the criticism the Cubs are getting this year and let me tell you that there is plenty, when the Cubs put the maple to the leather, they can really score some runs. Take for example, last night. The Cubs avoided a sweep against crosstown rivals the Chicago White Sucks. 12-5. That’s not a typo.

There’ll be glimpses this year of what the Cubs can do in the future. Mike Olt crushed a Grand Slam, his first ever! Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro chipped in like they’re supposed to do and belted homers each.

The key this year for the Cubs is to not look at the standings and focus on improving in each position. We know they’re going to be good in a couple of years, hopefully next year when the kids come up. For now, we’ll have to enjoy these games when the machine is working. That is working really well!

“For us, it’s a matter of staying focused, not trying to do too much,” Rick Renteria said. “We’re trying to find a level run — don’t want to get too high, don’t want to get too low. We’re still working on that.”

Yeah, it’s a work in progress and the Cubs won’t have every game played this well but to have moments when they shine like Rizzo, Castro and Olt did was the kind of games where fans should just soak it up and enjoy it.

“The White Sox had a lot of hits as well and we limited their damage — we did more damage than they did today,” Anthony Rizzo said.

No matter how badly the Cubs lose this season, there’s no denying that the club has some pop in their bats and seeing a grand slam by a rookie gets this guy really excited for what is to come.

Believe it.


One comment

  1. Minoring In Baseball · May 11, 2014

    So glad the Cubbies beat the White Sux. Just the one team in baseball that irritates me… I’ve been catching some the Cubs/Braves series, too and those have been some good games to watch.


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