Cubs Feast on Cardinals

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

In a perfect world, yesterday’s deconstruction of the much maligned Red Birds of St Louis by the hands or paws of the Chicago Cubs would constitute a mauling of immense proportions. It wasn’t just a feast, but a buffet ending with a 17-5 humiliation.

This my friends, is what the Cubs will look and play like in a year or two. Mark my words, geez, I sound old. First off, they should change Junior Lake’s name to Ocean because driving in six runs is equivalent to a Tsunami which you won’t find in a Lake. Secondly, Mike Olt. Sure, his average is a paltry .187 but man, the rook has some serious pop in the hickory. Hits a grand slam one day a homer the next and now this? If he keeps it up, there could be a Rookie of The Year award in the future. He leads rookies with 8 home runs and 19 RBI’s

“That’s what makes baseball so much fun,” Olt said. “You never know what’s going to happen. We came out aggressive today and carried through the whole game.”

With the Cubs, no truer words could ever be spoken.

Ok, maybe the Cubs aren’t there yet like Renteria said, but with Olt, Rizzo and Castro those things will come.

“When we get to the field, we want to win,” Junior Lake said. “If we’re positive, we can make the adjustments and get a win like today’s.”



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