The Cardinals Protect The Nest Against Cubs

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

One of the things that managers dream of is to have their pitchers play deep into the games, lead off hitters to get on base and clean up hitters to do just that.

The Cubs are having trouble this season in just about every area, with the exception of Bonifacio who is doing a great job in his role.

“I wasn’t efficient enough, and that’s what led to the high pitch count and early exit,” Jake Arrieta said. “I feel bad for having the bullpen come into the game too early there. There’s no reason they need to be in the game before the sixth or seventh at least. That’s what I’m harping on the most.

There isn’t any reason. Great teams have pitchers that duke it out and chisel their way throughout the game. Craftiness goes a long way. The Cubs have decent pitching, but when Samardzija who hasn’t earned his first win even though he’s pitched extremely well all season, exposes the holes in the Chicago Cubs team.

The key for the Cubs is to get Jeff his win. Once they do that, then maybe the Cubs can turn that all elusive corner and put more wins up on the board.

Give them the credit where it’s due though, the team does manage to claw their way back into the games, but can’t seem to finish the job.

“I’d be more concerned if we didn’t fight back and get into those positions,” Rick Renteria said. “We make sure our guys keep fighting.


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