Cubs Can’t Tame Cardinals

Chicago Cubs v St. Louis Cardinals

You can’t have Runner’s In Scoring Position with one out and end up leaving them stranded. Championship calibre teams don’t do that. If it were two out, then maybe, just maybe that happens.

For the Cubs, leaving runners stranded is a normal occurrence. Of course it shouldn’t happen, but it does. They’re young and inexperienced. Then again, Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo are the exception on the team. They’re doing their respective jobs and it’s about time.

So what should the Cubs do with Nate Schierholtz? I like the guy but you know it just might be time to move on. it’s no secret he’s struggling this year. He’s fourth on the team in At Bats with 121. That’s great, right. Some of you nice folks might even think What’s wrong? Well, Junior Lake has 106 with 27 hits compared to Nate’s 24. He’s fourteenth in OBP to Lake’s ninth spot. Here’s the kicker, Nate has 32 strikeouts. He’s not having a good year folks.

Is it time to make a deal or call someone up? Do the Cubs write off this year or as Jason Hammel says,

“You’ve got to look at the positive,” Hammel said. “We’ve played a lot of good ballgames. We’re not getting blown out. It’s not ugly games. It’s one or two pitches here or there, or one or two timely hits that we haven’t gotten. It’s not like we’re just laying down. It’s obviously frustrating, but I think we’ve played pretty good ball.”

Well if that’s what you want to call it Jay. He’s not lying, but he’s not exactly telling all the truth. Hammel was taken to school in the second inning which is another thing I harp on. Pitchers shouldn’t be that bad that early.

The Cubs need help and now’s the time to make a change.

Believe It.


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