Yankee Doodle Came To Town

It’s kind of funny that the ivy is almost in full. The Cubs are slowly chugging away up the standings, sitting eleven games back and today they face their arch nemesis on the mound, Masahiro Tanaka. Yes, the New York Yankees are in town and with all the fanfare surrounding Derek Jeter’s elongated retirement party(Whatever happened to just having a press conference and saying, “I’m done.”) it should be a great series.

Wham Bam combination of Starlin Castro, Mike Olt and Anthony Rizzo are going to have their hands full with the surprising Yankees. Jason Hammel gets the ball in the first game of this two game series.

Will there be drama today? Will Theo Epstein be sitting anxiously somewhere away from the bleacher creatures biting his finger nails thinking about what could have been at Wrigley Field? Or will the Cubs prevail victorious over the Bronx Bombers and proving that there really is a plan to this one hundred plus years of a drought that some day soon could end.

Well, at least the Ivy looks pretty.


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