Cubs Seeking A Giant Win

I’m not even going to talk about Manny Ramirez signing with the Cubs. Whoops, I just did. Is this a good thing? Will it make a difference in the organization? Nobody will know and if perhaps, Manny eventually returns to the big leagues, I do believe in second chances and if he can contribute in any way, then it is a good thing. However, if he ends up “Manny being Manny” then see you later. Or it could end up, “Theo Being Theo”

Look it, the Cubs are doing the right thing. I believe that and I believe in the system. The organization has had struggles for a long time and with the core that is waiting in the wings, there’s no denying the Cubs are going to be among the elite clubs soon. I can promise you that. Sure, Jeff “The Shark” Samardzija is searching for his first win of the season, it doesn’t mean he ain’t a great pitcher. He’s working his ass off for the team.

“He’s the best pitcher in the league right now — American League, National League, Japanese league,” Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney said. “The wins will come. It’s one of those funny things — some days you come out and put up five runs in the first two innings, and it hasn’t happened for him yet.

The Cubs have one of the top rookies in the league with Mike “The Connecticut Crusher” Olt and one of the most exciting first basemen, Anthony Rizzo. Oh yeah, and that young kid called Starlin Castro who can cause bigger headaches than Pabst Blue Ribbon is putting together one heck of a season. Plus, the Cubs have a pretty decent support staff. The wins will come. I said right at the start of the season that it very well could be an individual effort this season. An extended spring training, a scouting report if you will. So, bring up Javier Baez and see what he’s got!

Yeah, today’s series isn’t going to be easy. The Giants are living up to their namesake, but if the Cubs can chip away this series and get some pop well, most of us know what happened in that biblical tale.


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