Cubs Brewing Up Something Good

Nobody needs to tell any sports fan about the importance of playing division rivals. Red Sox/Yankees, Leafs/Senators, Browns/Steelers. Yup, division rivalry brings out the best and worst in teams. But what if a team like the Cubs are struggling in a season and they’re playing a potential playoff contender like the Milwaukee Brewers? Do the Cubs try and ruin the Brewers party or compete like they’re still in it?

First off, I hate Ryan Braun. That incident a couple of years ago is unforgivable and disgraceful. He tarnished the game I love and until he gives back his MVP, I’ll continue to have a dislike for the Hebrew Hammer.

Now, the Cubs. I’ve resigned myself to further embarrassment by being realistic in the hopes of the Chicago Cubs making a run for the playoffs. Stranger things have happened, but the truth is that their playoff chances are dwindling with each passing day. Geez, writing a blog about the Chicago Cubs is kind of like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, except for a beach ball named Wilson; it’s a baseball named Spalding.

“It was 1945, their last appearance in a World Series game.” as my beard grows long getting in the way of some tree root fashioned quill writing on a rock.

All right, it’s not that bad. This year has been more of a learning process with the club than anything else. When they’re good, they’ve been great, but when the Cubs have been bad, well–

In fact, I think the Cubs should concentrate solely on trying to defeat these division clubs because it would boost their confidence for next year if and when those prospects that Theo Epstein promised us see the light of day.

Of course there has been some great individual performances like Jeff Samardzija doing it all on the mound and getting the occasional win. I’m glad to see the return of Edwin Jackson after a dismal last season. Kudos to Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo.

So why are the Cubs having a so so season? Well, we were promised that by Theo Epstein. We’re also promised that next season will be better. Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, Albert Almora and all the supporting crew of prospects should see the light of day.

The Cubs aren’t out of it yet.

They’re not exactly in it either.


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