Nate The Great Saves The Day For The Cubs

CT ct-spt-0604-cubs-mets-042.JPG

Ok, so I was wrong about Nate Schierholtz. Last night against the New York Mets, Mr. Schierholtz got a walk off single. Last season he could do no wrong, however this year he’s been subdued, even on the verge of being traded and last night he came through for the Cubs with a 2-1 victory.

In fact, Chris Coghlan tied things up. Two guys who don’t have Rizzo or Castro in their names getting things done. That’s awesome!

“I know I’m a better player than I’ve shown the first two months,” Schierholtz said. “I knew it would come around, it just took longer than I hoped. Obviously, I still have a lot to do the next four months. I’m confident, and that’s all that matters.”

Yes, it did come around. So will more wins.

Jose Veras was Designated For assignment, ending his tenure with the club. The big off season signing couldn’t pull things together and well, as the saying goes, ‘You’re outta here!”

It wouldn’t be fair to say that this series is very important to the Cubs. Every series is important, not that they’re in contention but it’s a learning curve as to where players are going to be and who they’re going to keep when the young kids come up.


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