Starlin Castro: Cub’s Comeback Kid.

CT cubs-mets018.JPG

When Starlin Castro came up to the big leagues just over four years ago to all the hype, everyone, including myself believed he’d be the guy to take the Cubs to the next level. His playing has been up and down. At times, flashes of the wonder kid appeared and last year his numbers plummeted. It could of been his off distractions. Kids’ll do that to ya. It could have been his lack of focus and head scratching plays.

Last night, Starlin Castro drove in three runs. He made some mistakes as well, but in the end, it was those runs that mattered. This season, Starlin has regained his composure and reclaimed the “Wonder Kid” moniker. It’s a good omen when someone’s first at bat is a home run and Ron Santo getting all excited at Starlin Castro. if Santo was excited, that’s good enough for me.

Then there’s the swinging doors of the manager situation where every guy in charge seems to want to put their own stamp on the team. That is normal and I completely understand, but what the Cubs have this year is a manager in Rick Renteria who is really just a kid himself.

Starlin Castro will always be cool with me. Why? Because our son was born that same season when Starlin was called up. As my wife and I watch Darcy grow up, we’re watching the maturation of Starlin Castro too. He let’s me know when Castro’s up to plate. Who needs the player tracker anyway? So, I know there’ll be a day when Starlin is wearing another uniform but until that day comes, we’ll enjoy him playing in the pinstripes.ven though

Even though there were mistakes in the end, it’s that comeback win that counts.

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