Cubs Sweep Mets and Clean Up At 2014 Draft

CT ct-spt-0606-cubs-mets-009.JPG

Either it’s ironic or just a plain old coincidence, but on Draft Day 2014 the Cubs swept the New York Mets in an incredible victory 7-4. In true Chicago Cubs style with Starter Travis Wood banging a Home Run and count it folks, three RBI’s! That’s right, you counted it.

“I feel like we’re commanded to hit in this league,” Wood said, “so why not try to be the best you can at it?”

As modest as ever. All right, it’s the Mets but a victory is a victory and we’ll take it. The Cubs did just about everything right from coming behind to the pitching staff and yeah, there was a few close calls, but Anthony Rizzo did the job he was paid for and crushed a ball.

“Any time you can take a series and then sweep like we did today, it’s a good thing,” manager Rick Renteria said. “Those guys have been battling, and they continue to grind. Obviously, we gave up the lead, and then we ended up taking it back.”

So, the Cubs continue to look to the future by signing Indiana catcher Kyle Schwarber. Do the Cubs need help behind the plate? They need help everywhere and as the excitement builds leading up to the Baez, Bryant, Soler debuts, the Cubs are doing things right.

“He does everything that we like from an offensive standpoint in terms of controlling the strike zone, hitting for average, hitting for power,” said Jason McLeod, the Cubs’ senior vice president of scouting and player development. “His makeup is off the charts.”

The naysayers will always get their words in but the Cubs have a plan. This year is a write off(Have you seen how well the Jays are doing?) but Chicago can rest assure that next season will have some very interesting moments.

Believe It.


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  1. Minoring In Baseball · June 7, 2014

    The Cubs have been playing some good baseball! And, yes, they had a very nice draft, also. A lot to look forward to with the future of the Cubs!


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