Cubs, Rizzo Win Fourth Straight

CT cubs-marlins34.JPG

It wasn’t the World Series but the victory celebration at the end of yesterdays win over the Miami Marlins sure had the feeling of something special. Anthony Rizzo delivered the walk off victory for the second day in a row powering the Chicago Cubs to a 5-3 win.

“I think they’re playing with a lot of confidence right now,” Rick Renteria said. “I think they’re continuing to pick each other up. I think they’re starting to feel and know that they can do this.”

Yes, the Cubs have cruised to their fourth straight win and now sit 10 games back in the National League Central. Sure, it’s wins over teams like the Mets and the Marlins but according to experts and fans alike, the Cubs weren’t supposed to be anything but a doormat to opponents, “Welcome to the friendly confines, raise a pint to our one hundredth and have a win while you’re at it.” That was the type of season they were supposed to have.

Aren’t they still having that type of season? You might ask.

The answer of course, is yes. Things are slightly different and it all points to the team. Let me quote arguably the most famous underdog film of all time Rocky.

“He doesn’t know it’s a damn show! He thinks it’s a damn fight!” Duke says to Appollo.

Now, I want all of you fine folks to remember this quote at the end of the season because the 2014 Chicago Cubs could put together some kind of underdog season.

“I’m always confident on those situations,” Rizzo said. “You put some good swings on the ball and things happen. It was a breaking ball and I hit it pretty high, and with the wind blowing you never know. That’s baseball.”

That is baseball. Nobody can ever tell which way the wind will blow, especially at the Friendly Confines. Logic states, (so do statistics)that the Cubs will be high up in the draft next season, but what if for a second, the Cubs continue their winning ways? That for some miraculously unexplained reason that they go on a huge winning streak and turn things around just like the Los Angeles Dodgers did last season. It could happen.

Sport Stories are things of legends, situations and myth. Imagine for a moment that there was no Billy Goat, no black cat in the on deck circle, no Bernie Mac singing “Champs” instead of Cubbies and of course, the biggest myth of all, Steve Bartman(as I make the sign of the cross at the mere mention of his name).

Steve Goodman said it best,

“They got the power, they got the speed
To be the best in the National League
Well this is the year and the Cubs are real
So come on down to Wrigley Field”

If my three year old knows the words to this song, then maybe the rest of us should sing these lines loud and proud for the remainder of the season because it would be fitting that in the one hundredth year of one of baseball’s most infamous ballparks that a 24-34 Chicago Cubs team can turn things around and win the whole freakin’ thing!

Believe it!



  1. Dave · June 7, 2014

    Rick Renteria might be a deciding factor. Have to admit this team far exceeds last year’s team for focus, and staying involved in the entire game.


  2. The Cub Den · June 8, 2014

    They’ve been in it pretty much every game. A lot of growing pains still, but damn they’re putting together a decent year.


  3. moformvp · June 8, 2014

    Any idea of when we might see Kris Bryant? He’s killing AA.


    • The Cub Den · June 8, 2014

      Next season, they don’t want to rush him, but you know I think they’ll bring him up in September.


      • moformvp · June 8, 2014

        I work for a AA team and got a chance to meet Bryant. He seems like a pretty cool dude and I can’t wait to see him in him in The Show.


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