Cubs Run Out Of Luck Against Pirates

Even though Starlin Castro had a great game, it was Starling Marte that brought the entertainment. That was one heck of a rundown yesterday that Starling Marte got caught in. Just in case you missed it, here it is:

Edwin Jackson has been uneven this season, although he’s been far better than he was last season.

“I just have to make a better pitch,” Jackson said. “I have to do a better job of mixing it up instead of getting beat on the same pitch twice [to McCutchen]. You feel good and you let the guy on their team who’s the threat beat you twice.

So, was it the Cubs fault that they lost? Or was it just a case that they played against Andrew McCutchen, the reigning MVP.

Now, the other pondering question is that the Cubs are brutal on the road. How can they fix this? 10-22 on the road. I think if there was anyway a team could choose, they’d rather have a better record on the road than home. It’s just common sense.

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  1. Dave · June 11, 2014

    Are you sure Jackson hasn’t been reading my posts all the way back to last season? Kept saying, every time he pitched. It doesn’t all have to be heat! Location, command, etc.


    • The Cub Den · June 11, 2014

      Isn’t that one of the commandments of business? Location, Location, Location?


      • Dave · June 12, 2014

        You are correct, and if Jackson wants to continue to conduct business he must be cognizant of location!


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