Cub’s Anthony Rizzo Sinks Pirate’s Ship

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates

What happened in last night’s game against the Pirates was nothing short of amazing. You see Anthony Rizzo the Cub’s first baseman, came into his own and proved to us and critics alike, that he is the guy that’s going to turn this historic franchise around. Yes, that former San Diego Padre turned the piece of Maple stick into syrup by crushing the ball and sending it a few rows from heading into Steel Town.

But wait!

He wasn’t finished there. Rizzo collected three RBI’s in the Cubs 7-3 victory. He was practically a one man show. This is what happens when the Cubs are getting the runs in–they win.

“I just feel very confident and that’s everything in this game,” Rizzo said. “I don’t care what anyone says. Whether your mechanics are good or bad, if you’re feeling confident at the plate, it makes a huge difference.”

Yet, despite the great game and the great season that Rizzo is putting together, you won’t see him in the starting lineup for next month’s All Star Game. Believe me, I voted for him numerous times and I’m still getting flack from friends and family alike for using their email address.

Does he deserve to be in the lineup? There’s no doubt that’ll he be the Cubs rep for this year’s Best Player Showcase mid summer classic.

What’s not to like about Mr. Rizzo? His Foundation, is a reminder that cancer strikes more than the patients.

A great guy, a great ball player and a future hall of famer.

Believe it!!!


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