Cubs Under Construction

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates were just that good. Or by saying that Jeff Samardzija didn’t get run support is stating the obvious in a 4-0 loss. Did I not say that this season will have its ups and downs?

“Jeff had really good life to his pitches, but his command didn’t seem to be as good as he has been previously,” Rick Renteria said. “Balls were coming back over the plate a little bit. It was something that you could see based on the results. I’m sure he didn’t feel very good about his outing today. It wasn’t that he didn’t have good velocity — he had great velocity, but I think his command was off.”

It would be a better statement by classifying this season as a “Work In Progress” you know, those annoying Orange and yellow vested workers with ROAD CLOSED signs and holding a STOP sign as you make your way to work in a rush hour frenzy? You know how it always happens during summer months?

This is your 2014 Chicago Cubs.

Sometimes the road is rippled and there’s the awful jackhammer grinding above the 7AM news that you’re trying to hear, but then before we know it, the roads are smooth again and we all know how awesome that road is to drive on.

So folks, deal with the construction signs because once it’s over, it’ll be great.

Believe It


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