Cubs Celebrate Father’s Day With Road Shutout

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies

The Chicago Cubs shut out the Phillies 3-0 yesterday and with that win, ushered in the first road series win of the season. So why isn’t the Cubs standout guys Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro higher in the voting for the All Star Game next month? Would it be fair to say that it is because they play for the Cubs? Perhaps. Rizzo sits behind Paul Goldschmidt in homers with 14. If he continues with the outstanding play, we could see Anthony overtaking Paul in All Star voting. That would be a big victory if that could happen so get out and vote often for Anthony Rizzo, he deserves to be there this year.

Starlin Castro is narrowly keeping up with Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies, who by the way is quietly discovering new ways of winning. I think there’s a conspiracy going on with the Cubs. They’ve got a top first baseman and shortstop that may go unnoticed next month in All Star voting. Does anyone remember a few years ago when the Cubs had 8 players? Wow, that was 2008 and seems a long time ago.

Ok, so speaking of home runs, what’s going on with third baseman, Mike Olt? He continues to crush the ball, but swings at everything that comes his way. It could be rookie jitters or it could be something else altogether.

“We know we have a guy that when he barrels the ball, can obviously drive it,” Cubs manager Rick Renteria said. “But he is still a young man that’s working on who he is.”

With 60 strikeouts at 145 At Bats, has Alfonso Soriano returned?

The Cubs are in Miami tonight and even though they’re riding a one game winning streak, the Cubs are looking good, all right; they’re looking better and they’re seven games back of a wild card spot.

“We’re playing good ball right now,” Travis Wood said. “We’re not looking sloppy, we’re making plays, we’re hitting, we’re moving runners over. It’s all you can ask for, really.”

Stranger things have happened.

Believe it.


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