Cubs Can’t Get Samardzija a Win

Chicago Cubs v Miami Marlins

There’s a rumour going around that the Cubs have been talking with ace starter Jeff Samardzija about a possible contract extension. Last night’s difficult loss against the Marlins looked like it was a possible resume addition for the one they call The Shark. The Cubs lost 6-5

The problem with the game was that the Cubs played well. Is it some voodoo hex on the Cubs(duh?) that Samardija only has two wins this season and yet his ERA is below 3.00 What? Only in Wrigleyville can stuff like this happen.

“It’s the way it goes,” Samardzija said. “I go out and pitch and keep doing my job and keep making improvements. I really like how the ball has been coming out the last couple times. … You pitch deeper in the games, and you have a better chance to win the game.”

Although Samardzija wishes he will stay a Cub, winners want to win. It’s that competitive spirit born within these athletes that they want to win it all. I certainly don’t blame Jeff for wanting out of Chicago for greener pastures but I don’t entirely think it’s true. He’s been in Chicago for some time now and I believe he’s just as excited as the rest of us about the future of the Cubs. When that future happens is in Theo Epstein’s hands.

“There’s really nothing to talk about,” Samardzija said. “I told my agent early after Spring Training that I wanted to go out with no distractions and pitch. As far as I’m concerned, nothing has changed. I’m going out to do my job with no distractions. You have to win these ballgames, so you have to prepare for your team.

I think the question the Cubs should be asking themselves is what kind of team do they want to be. Are they going to be a pitcher’s team or an infield team? Guys like Jake Arrieta, Travis Wood and Jason Hammel are quality guys that could back up Samardzija. Ok, ok, Edwin you’re included as well. Although it would be nice to have a pitcher like Adam Wainwright on their team, it would be a huge sacrifice and next to impossible.

There’s a lot of talent on the club. Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro, Luis Valbuena, Mike Olt, Junior Lake and Emilio Bonifacio have all led the charge this season and provided some quality games that is a precursor to next season when the kids come up.

Believe it.


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