Can The Chicago Cubs Make The Playoffs?

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Miami Marlins

It’s a simple straight forward question. Sure, they’re going to be many folks out there who’ll lynch me for even posing the question, but consider these event that have happened recently.

Yesterday, the Cubs beat the Marlins in a convincing win 6-1. The dynamic duo of Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo led the attack with Castro belting out two RBI doubles and Rizzo had three hits.

Jake Arrieta had 11 strikeouts. He simply dominated and is giving Samardzija a run for his money.

Wait! There’s more. Nate Schierholtz crushed the leather into the second tiers outfield. It’s their first back to back road series win since last year.

“In terms of the way we’ve been performing, we’ve been playing well, and as long as we keep doing that, we give ourselves a chance,” manager Rick Renteria said.

The team has today off before hosting the Bucs tomorrow. Now, the Cubs need to win division series. That’s how champions are crowned. it’s going to be a tough haul for sure, but consider the recent promotion of star prospect, Kris Bryant to triple A Iowa. Could this mean an eventual promotion to the Cubs before season ending?

“Is he dominating Double-A right now? Of course he is,” The often coy Theo Epstein said. “Does that mean his development is complete? No.”

The Cubs are currently eight games back in the Wild Card hunt. We know that anything can happen in baseball as witnessed by the, Kansas “Holy crap, I didn’t see this coming.” Royals and their ten game winning streak. Who is their hitting coach? Dale Sveum. And who did he manage last year?


There’s another factor at work here. Joe Madden, arguably the game’s most respected manager and commander in Chief of the dismal Tampa Bay Rays believes that his team still has a shot. If that’s not believing, I don’t know what is.

So, do the Cubs have a shot this year?

“They’re playing pretty consistent baseball and having some really good at-bats in key situations, and all the cliches come into play — timely hitting, good pitching and defense,” Renteria said. “Hopefully, it continues. It’s a long season and consistency is important.”

Believe it.


One comment

  1. mlblover · June 19, 2014

    The cubs are the best team in the world Go Cubs go


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