Cub’s Arrieta Striving For Perfection

CT cubs-reds013.JPG

For all the things that are going wrong for the Cubs, there are some things that are oh, so right. Last night’s incredible victory over the Cincinnati Reds proved without a question of a doubt that Jake Arrieta is for real. last night, a Perfect Game was in his sights, and folks, he pitched a beauty of a game. There were a lot at stake in the game including the fact that there has never been a Perfect Game pitched by a Cub. What? you might think. Get outta here? Alas, folks, it is true. However, Mr. Arrieta provided fans, teammates and cynics alike a little hope that through six innings, the Cubs starter can bring some magic to a storied franchise.

“I was pretty gassed there, unfortunately,” Arrieta said of the seventh. “It was a pretty humid night, long inning there in the sixth running the bases — which really isn’t all that tough in itself, but couple that with being on the mound and having that long layoff, it adds a little bit to it.

Yet, the Cubs succumbed to fate and to yet hung on to something even more important than the ultimate prize in a pitcher’s career; a victory. The final tally was 7-3.

Perennial Cubs favourite to lead the Northsiders in the annual All Star Game Anthony Rizzo, bashed his 17th home run of the season.

The Cubs are slowly keeping pace in the Wild Card race at 8.5 back. However, as long as trade talks between the Cubs and the Toronto Blue Jays resume with Jeff Samardzija, the team has to stay focused. They’ve got good days ahead and with the return of Castillo and soon Emilio Bonifacio, the Cubs are looking very good right now.

Believe it!


One comment

  1. Rob DMC · June 26, 2014

    Arrieta’s success makes me not so worried about giving up Samardzija or Hammel.


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