Cubs Take A Trip Down Holiday Road

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about All Star Game’s, Trade Deadline’s or even baseball. Ok, maybe there’s some baseball there.

Yes folks, it’s that time once again for the phrase that strikes fear and excitement in the hearts of Americans and Canadians alike; Family Vacation.

On Saturday, my family and I are embarking across the border from our home and native land in Canada to the friendly nation of awesomeness, the United States. We’re going to Boston to visit that oh so great city but most importantly, and you knew there’d be baseball in this somewhere, we’re going to see the Cubs take on the Red Sox on July 1. What makes this so great, you might ask? Well, you Americans celebrate your birthday on July 4th, and to us Canadians, July 1st is Canada Day. We’ll be in the US on Canada Day. let me tell you, I’ve been getting grief on that.

I think it’s pretty cool that the game we’re going to see is on Canada Day because I’m a Cubs fan from Canada, my Twitter feed is @canuckcubbie and it’s against the Red Sox. What a great way to celebrate, eh?

One of my favourite films is Vacation starring Chevy Chase. That movie never loses appeal, especially since now that my wife and I have a young son who’ll no doubt be asking us, “Are we there yet?” at least five times. We’ll be eating sandwiches at roadside stops, visiting unusual landmarks and under no circumstances will we be tying my Mother In Law to the roof of the Hyundai.

Are we going to see Wally World? No, this is Fenway. The only thing that can be more discouraging than a “Closed For Renovations” sign at Fenway, is a Rain Stoppage.

There’s a little bit of the Griswald’s in all of us.

So, cue up, “Holiday Road” here we come Boston, Edwin you better win one for us.

Awe Heck, here it is:

One comment

  1. Gary Trujillo · June 26, 2014

    Have a safe and happy trip…and beat the Sox!!!


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