Cubs Unable To Capitalize Against Reds

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds - Game One

Something funny happened last night in the Chicago Cubs 6-5 loss against the Reds. Was it all those votes for Anthony Rizzo that went to his head? No, it wasn’t that. He must have liked all the votes he was getting because he certainly destroyed the cover off of that ball. It was the 19th of the season and could have swayed the vote in his favour.

“Jumping out to a five-run lead was nice,” Anthony Rizzo said. “It was nice for Wada to be able to pitch with that lead. I’m sure he was nervous. It’s just tough at the end. Our bullpen was put in a tough spot, limited arms. It’s a tough loss.”

Speaking of home runs, Mike Olt and Chris Coghlan wanted to start their own campaign for the All Star Game by chipping one each out of the park.

Yes my friends, the Chicago Cubs were up 5-0 and then just like the leather on the baseball, everything started to come off. Then again, it could have been the Big Red Machine himself, Billy Hamilton showing up for duty and making his own Rookie Of The Year campaign. He hit an RBI triple in the seventh. Yes, it’s those kind of plays late in the innings that win ballgames. It’s a proven fact, check your history books and statistics because I’m not making this stuff up. To add insult to injury, the guy decides that his late game heroics weren’t enough, he decided to get a walk off RBI in the ninth. That wins ball games.

Now, if I’m sounding rather harsh on the Cubs, fear not. It’s just that Billy Hamilton is that good.

The Cubs have lost five in a row now and perhaps their chances at a Wild Card spot. Who am I kidding? That spot’s gone. One thing that is certain is Anthony Rizzo stands a great chance of making the All Star Squad. He deserves it so get those votes in.

losing a double header is a hard one to take and especially against their divisional rivals.

“I’ve been through it,” said former Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan, who hit home runs in each game. “I’ve seen it. It always stinks. But we can’t control that stuff. I learned it in Miami. I took it very hard in my first year when I saw that in 2010.

It does suck, there’s no getting around it. You can spin the clichés about taking it one game at a time, but last night’s loss proved one thing against the Reds. The Cubs were out of their league.

Believe it.



  1. crimsonowl63 · July 9, 2014

    Here in Cleveland we know the pain of an early big lead only to be beaten by a run. That recent game against the Yankees was just awful even though we never had any lead there. Glad we beat them yesterday.


    • Mark Gauthier · July 9, 2014

      I think that’s the worst way to lose and unfortunately, sometimes it’s not the team’s fault.


  2. Minoring In Baseball · July 10, 2014

    Love the new name of the blog, Mark! Yeah, the twinbill against the Redlegs was brutal. They’ll only be getting better, though, and next time I’m sure the outcome will be different.


  3. Mark Gauthier · July 10, 2014

    Thank you!


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