Cubs End Up Waiting For Godot

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds

Baseball can be like the theatre of the absurd. Yesterday, the Cubs lost to the Cincinnati Reds 4-1. It didn’t come without some drama, just ask Rick Renteria and a certain first baseman, but in the end like that great Nobel writer Samuel Beckett once said,”Let’s go. Yes, let’s go. (They do not move).”

Anthony Rizzo, that Anthony Rizzo, hit his 20th home run of the year and he’s getting so close to being in the All Star Game that he might not be sitting in the cheap seats like some of the folks. However his personal journey this year goes, the, ok I’m just going to say it, All Star first baseman will always put his team first.

“We’ve been struggling to score runs,” Rizzo said, focusing on the game, not the absent spread. “We have to keep grinding at-bats out. We also ran into a few good pitchers, too. That doesn’t help. We have to keep going — it’s a part of the season, which is obviously a low point for the team, but we have to keep grinding it out.”

Is Rick Renteria trying to compete with Sweet Lou’s ejection quota? Last night, the rookie manager was sent to the locker rooms after arguing a grounder in the fifth.

“The poor guy had no chance with me,” Rick Renteria said after his fifth ejection. “When my player feels he has a call, as a manager I’ve got to talk to him.”

Hey, I’m all for expressing a point of view but unless it’s going to change someone else’s view than why risk getting thrown out of the game.

“Geez Rick, I was wrong about that. Thank goodness you pointed that out to me. Wow! I messed up.”

Nope, arguing with an ump is like Waiting For Godot.

Again, if you haven’t #VoteRizzo make sure you do. He’s in the lead.

“It’s really cool,” Rizzo said of the fans’ support. “I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the fans keep going. I’m really appreciative for all of it. We’ll see what happens.”

Yes, baseball is definitely Theatre of the Absurd

Believe it!


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