Cubs’ The Comeback Kids and All Star Rizzo

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds

Life is filled with small victories. They start at the youngest of ages and go on until sometimes, our last days. Taking those first steps. Man, when you see that smile flash across the kid’s face when they use their feet for the first time it’s priceless, don’t even touch that one Visa. For the parent, it’s pride. It’s an incredible moment in both the child and the parent. For the child, it’s accomplishment and for the parent it’s pride. A lot of it.

Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs took home a small victory that many Cub’s fans the world over felt. They felt pride and we all smiled. A lot.

They did it in extra innings. They did it with Valbuena. Yes folks, the Cubs came from behind to lead a charge past the Cincinnati Reds, 6-4.

There was a new kid in town named Arismendy Alcantara and man, can he strut. The kid went 4 for 5. He hit three RBI’s! His first game! A Chicago Cub hit 3 RBI’s Holy Cow!

“Like I said, you just have to do your job, play your game and see what happens,” Alcantara said.

Then the Cubs did something even more surprising; they promoted him. Yes, what many have been crying for all season, the team finally took a chance and did something daring.

Of course, the real star of the day was All Star Anthony Rizzo. Not only was there a bench brawl, but he made the All Star team. Millions of fans across Cub nation voted Rizzo, and I truly apologise for the constant feed. it was a one day thing only. In a challenging season for the Cubs, they have two All Stars. Holy Cow!!

While one player gets the promotion and another gets demoted in the form of Kyle Hendricks, this is good news. The Cubs took a chance, they fought back and they won.

That’s a Big Victory.

Believe It


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