Cubs Alcantara Roars Despite Loss To Braves.

CT cubs-braves018.JPG

This one was a tough one to take. 11-6. Edwin Jackson had a tough one. I’ll go easy on him because of that great game in Boston. All right?

“It’s one of those games to put way back in the back of the memory bank.” Jackson said.

Yeah, and pray you get amnesia. Hey, these games happen and especially with young team. Jackson gave up nine runs in three and change innings but, like their previous games, the Cubs fought back. If you’re going to lose a game this is the way you do it. Showing some kind of improvements is paramount and the Cubs are looking like the exciting team they’re becoming. With the addition of Arismendy Alcantara, suddenly the Cubs are exciting. Really exciting. Players not named Anthony Rizzo or Starlin Castro have been putting up numbers worthy of 2016 All Star Games.

Depth on a team is crucial to win championships and the Cubs are starting to provide that depth. If they can put it all together and win games then a World Series will be on deck.

“We have a long second half. There’s definitely a lot of baseball left. I feel like I can definitely turn things around and have a better second half and have the whole first half forgotten about.” said Jackson.

There is a lot of baseball left in the season, he’s right. I’ve given up relying on statistics to tell if a team will make the playoffs but baseball is a game of numbers that’s no secret and if guys like Coghlan and Alcantara continue their play, then there’s no reason why the Cubs can’t be there in October.

Then again, I’m just a believer.

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