Jeter Bids Farewell At 2014 MLB All Star Game

MLB: All Star Game-Workout Day

It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the 2014 All Star Game. With all the Pomp that comes along with it and the celebration of Derek Jeter’s swan song as an All Star, the inevitable first ballot Hall of Fame selection and the pure awesomeness of Giancarlo Stanton. There was an amusing moment for Jeff Samardzija.

Lining up with the National League but standing next to his American League teammates, it was a bittersweet moment for Chicago Cubs fans seeing their former ace in an Oakland Athletics sweater. Cubs fans were left felling, well, green.

“I asked for the union’s opinion on what they thought I should do, but since this has never happened before, they also didn’t have too much to say,” said Samardzija. “I just felt like the best thing to do was show my respects to the National League team by doing the workouts with them. I also think it’s important I get announced as a National League All-Star, just because that’s who I pitched for when I got voted in.”

The Shark is getting his chance at a post season this year and it’s well deserved. He was due and this is his moment to shine. I know I’ll be cheering him on this post season.

oh c’mon, the Cubs aren’t going to be there, are they?

Now, I would have liked to see more than one At Bat for the Northside, but this is supposed to be a break in the season and it’s a great way to celebrate America’s past time. After all, last night wasn’t about the Cubs, it was about the Man, Derek Jeter.

“I’m not retiring at the end of the year, because I don’t think I can play — it’s just the time is right,” Jeter said. “So today, I was fortunate. I enjoy playing these All-Star Games and competing against the best, and today, I was fortunate to get a couple of hits. But I still feel as though I can play.”

Last night he did it all too. However, that Adam Wainwright pitch looked more like a gimme than anything significant in the hurler’s arsenal. So what? Jeter proved why he’s got the moxy and why he’s one of the game’s greats. I look forward to seeing him in Cooperstown.

Believe it.


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