Diamondbacks Eat Cubs For Desert

Chicago Cubs v Arizona Diamondbacks

There was something missing from last night’s game in Arizona. Sure, Anthony Rizzo added to his growing legacy with Chicago fans by teeing off on two home runs but the Cubs couldn’t get the win. They did however, keep it close and show that their fighting spirit is real.

“It’d be nice to pass that mark,” Rizzo said. “You want to keep having good at-bats and not try to hit home runs, just try to hit the ball hard. Good things tend to happen.”

That “Awe Shucks” attitude will win him points with teammates when the leader for the next generation comes calling. One of the few teams with a worse record than the Cubs, the brave North Siders should have had that game in the can, but like their records, the score was close.

So the Cubs started the second half on a losing note, but I don’t think it’s a clear reflection of what this team can do. Although I’m careful to point out that the team has a lot of potential, they still are a ways from being where they want to be.

“Whatever happened in the first half is the first half,” Edwin Jackson said. “There’s a lot of baseball left. It’s about how you finish. You finish up strong, the first half will be kind of forgotten. You just live in the present.”

Believe it.


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