Cubs’ Rizzo Star Shines Brighter

Is there a feeling of pride when All Star First Baseman Anthony Rizzo, and yes we can say that now, wins National League Player of The Week? Of course.

Rizzo went 5 for 11 and knocked out three home runs, two of those blasts were in one game. Why is this significant, you might ask and then again I won’t blame you if you didn’t. The reason this is significant is that during this season, the young All Star has captured the respect and admiration of Managers and Players alike. Suddenly, there’ll be more players who want to come to the windy north side and play. Good players. Great and Outstanding players like, David Price.

‘‘I’m just trying to put good swings on the ball,’’ Rizzo said .

Don’t think he’d be a good fit in Chicago? Does Theo Epstein have the Chutzpah to pull off a deal. Remember, this is the guy that almost pulled off a deal that could have brought Masahiro Tanaka to Chicago. So, is there an ace up his sleeve?

The timing is perfect for this kind of deal. The team is on the verge of greatness. I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s behind either. The struggles that the Cubs have been enduring for some time now could possibly be over as these young guys make their way up to the team.

Believe it.


One comment

  1. mrbaseballnerd · July 22, 2014

    Your absolutely right.


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