Cubs Bringing Up Baez.


Tonight is probably one of the biggest nights in the Chicago Cubs long and illustrious history. Is it a Pennant Race, Wild Card Series, a World Series? Nope. It’s bigger than that. Tonight marks the regular season debut of the Cubs top prospect, Javier Baez.

In what was the worst kept secret this season that Javier Baez would make it to ,”The Show”, Cubs management, ok I’ll say their names, Jed Hoyer and Theo “I Kill Curses” Epstein have decided to grant fans and critics alike, their prime wish and bring the kid up.

For trivia’s sake, Epstein’s grandfather Phillip and Great Uncle Julius won an Oscar for a little screenplay called, “Casablanca” I think it’s date night folks, have decided to call the kid up against the Rockies tonight in Colorado.

Is this a smart move? Do the Cubs need him? Could this improve the Cubs chances of the post season? Is this a PR move?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.

All right, so the Cubs chances of the post season aren’t that great at all, but there’s over a month left and if Javier Baez is as good as he’s been in the minors, well that .283 avg with RISP is going to look a hell of a lot bigger by the end of the season.

Maybe I’m hoping for way too much, but the Cubs could go on a winning streak with all those runs being scored and squeak into the post season, topple everyone and another curse ends.

Ah, but that’s asking way too much and that’s next year’s problem. Right now, we marvel at the Wonder Kid and tonight we’ll glance into that Crystal Ball and make a wish and see a future that is oh so bright for the Cubs.

Somewhere, Ron Santo will be calling tonight’s game.

“He’s a good kid — what a gamer and a great athlete,” Iowa Manager Marty Pevey said. “It’ll be a learning curve for Javy. He’ll want to hit every ball 600 feet. He’s such a great competitor.”

It’ll also be a learning curve for the fans as well but if anything, Cubs fans are the most patient. They’ve had a 106 years of practice.

Believe it.


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