Cubs Get Stung By Rays


There’s a problem with a media circus surrounding young talent when they come up into the leagues. Now, I’m not saying the hype had anything to do at all with the Tampa Bay Rays shutting out the Cubs 4-0 but I feel sometimes that especially around a guy like Javier Baez it had to have got to him.

Every little move he makes like despite striking out got a double and then everyone remembers that one double he made. If it were any other player he would have just stunk in that game.

“He wants to prove to the whole world that he belongs here,” Rick Renteria said of Baez. “It’s part of the conversations are that, ‘You don’t have to carry the team on your back, you just have to be yourself. You have a lot of teammates.’ I think he’ll continue to make adjustments and I think he’ll be fine.”

Renteria is right, he’s got teammates. There’s Arismendy Alcantara with the great glove yesterday. Oh wait, what about Justin Ruggiano who went 1 for 2 and is a steady player on the team’s roster. Although I haven’t mentioned Chris Coghlan much, he’s had an impact on the club.

So please folks, even though it’s easy to get caught up in the Baez circus, I know I have, let’s remember the other guys.

Speaking of other guys, I feel bad for Edwin Jackson. He had a quality start yesterday and yet, the Cubs fell. I think the Cubs are going to try and buy out his contract at the end of the season or perhaps, someone like the Yankees could pick it up.

Today is throwback day. Let’s remember the 80’s, or let’s not. Should be a great game.

Believe it,

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