Cubs’ Hendricks Serves Up A Pitcher Against Brewers


In Kyle Hendricks, the Cubs have a Bona Fide Superstar. He’s 4-1 since joining the team and then you’d have to look at Javier Baez and the Cubs record since the Wonder kid got the call up. They’re 4-4. not a great record by any means but if you’ve been following the blog, I’ve been preaching the Cubs could finish with a .500 record. Now, could that be since Javier Baez’s Call Up?

Last night, Kyle Hendricks went to work like a surgeon against the Brewers and carved them up 3-0. The Cubs have now shut out the Brewers four times this season. Perhaps a nickname like, “The Surgeon” is in order?

“When guys get on base, they’re saying he’s tough, he’s sneaky, he has good pitches, he commands them,” Anthony Rizzo said of Hendricks. “The best part is, it seems he can induce a double-play ball whenever.”

Anthony Rizzo was no slouch last night either. He destroyed a baseball making his Home Run totals now at 26 and ending putting to rest any criticism of a slump.

Nope, the Cubs are suddenly for real and although it’ll take some time for the rust to clear and the gears to turn smoothly, but something’s happening and this isn’t the same team that took to the field in April.

“You get to see the young men everybody has been talking about for the last couple years, and you’re seeing them contribute in some way, shape or form in a positive way,” Rick Renteria said. “Maybe it starts to validate the direction the organization is going in, which is good. We all understand it’s been a long time, and it’s going to take a while to chip away and have everybody feel positive about the organization, but it’s going that way.”

Believe it!


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