Cubs Show Their Teeth Against Brewers


You know how that old saying goes? You never forget the first time. Oh C’mon, I was talking about baseball. You could see where all those metaphors came from now, can’t you?

Last night, Javier Baez collected his first of many home runs on Wrigley soil. The Cubs went on to defeat the Brewers 4-2 and now sit above .500 since Javier Baez joined the club.

“It feels great,” Javier Baez said. “I hit the ball pretty good. As soon as I hit it, everybody went crazy. I knew it was gone because I hit it really good.”

Not only Baez’s blast but Anthony Rizzo wanted to remind the Wonder Kid to respect his elders and took one yard right after that. Is it too early to put those rally caps on?

“Sitting back, you look at them and say, ‘I’ve got a 21-year-old and a 24-year-old doing the things they’re doing,’ and yeah, it’s pretty exciting,” Renteria said.

Speaking of the new guys, Tsuyoshi Wada received another quality start and now the tandem of Kyle Hendricks, Wada and Jake Arrieta is looking pretty darn good at the moment.

it’s exciting times in Chicago and next month, the Cubs take on Toronto.  @  gave a shout out to his Ontario born Mother. The broadcaster hails from Massina NY just across the border. Did you guys ever sit on a Chesterfield?

Believe it,


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