Cubs Take Mets To School



You know, it’s a real treat when Kyle Hendricks plays. I’m not taking anything away from the other starters, but in yesterday’s win over the Mets, the Cubs looked and felt like winners as if they were playoff contenders. In other words, they looked good. Yes, the Cubs showed the Mets what a couple of rookies can do for a club. 4-1, baby!

The unfortunate part about these late call ups is the ineligibility for MVP’s or Cy Youngs. Don’t jump all over me for even suggesting Javier Baez and Kyle Hendricks in the same breath with these awards, but imagine, what if?

What if they played all season long? Would Anthony Rizzo be looking at 48 Home Runs instead of the still awesome 28? How many of those rockets would Javier Baez be sending out into the stands? What about Starlin Castro?

“Having a lot of young guys coming up, we’ve played together for a long time, so it makes it more comfortable and it’s easier to play — you feel more comfortable out there,” Hendricks said.

Well gosh, that makes a whole lot of sense. These rooks have been playing together a lot in the well documented “Farm System Supreme” that the Cubs have been touting for quite some time now. Even though children are putting their backpacks at the door and school bus drivers are cleaning their machines, I’m glad Cubs fans are getting a chance to have a glimpse at the future.

The key issue is control and patience. The all ready awesome Kyle Hendricks needs to reel it in a bit. He’s got many years ahead of himself.

Javier Baez will learn his patience but man, am I glad he’s getting his chance.

“Over the long haul, he understands that if he’s swinging at pitches that are really unhandable, they’re going to keep [throwing them], for sure,” Renteria said. “He’s 21 years old. He’s learning.”

Believe it.


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