Cubs Get Schooled By Cardinals



The Cubs are looking like a great team but in yesterday’s loss they found the key ingredient that champions have which the Cubs still need to acquire.  A good come from behind victory.  The Cubs were up 5-0 in the 2nd inning when the Cardinals had to remind the North Siders that they still need some discipline. The Cubs went on to lose to St. Louis 9-6

“Our goal down the stretch is to break as many hearts as possible,” Carlos Villanueva said. “We play a lot of teams that are in contention now, and that’s how we’ll learn to win those games. We have a month left and we’ll see how we do.”

Even though they lost yesterday, you have to hand it to the Cubs they finished August with a 16-14 winning record, not bad at all.

Today marks the Wrigley Field debut of Jorge Soler. The rookie outfielder has made an impressive debut in August and looks to improve on his stellar numbers in September when the Cubs play the Milwaukee Brewers.

“I think everybody’s excited about all these guys,” manager Rick Renteria said of the Cubs prospects. “I’m sure there will be some enthusiasm and some desire to see Soler. They’ve been talked about a lot. I think people have been waiting anxiously to see part of the future, and rightfully so. These guys are pretty exciting players. We’re seeing it firsthand. Hopefully, Soler will have a good day, and people will be excited about what they see.”

It’s hard to believe that school’s just about in and there’s less than a month left in the baseball season but for the freshmen Javier Baez and Jorge Soler, class has started. It’s just a shame though that fans didn’t get a chance to see more of these future All Stars but we’ll take what we can get, right?

Theo Epstein has ruffled a lot of fans’ feathers when it comes to the “Cubs’ Way” preaching patience but we’re the ones eating crow when we see these guys hitting and running and you know, doing all those things that rookies do. Manny Ramirez a player coach? WTF?

“I learned a lot from Manny,” Soler said. “When I was with him in Iowa, he was always talking to me about hitting, about personal stuff, what I’m doing on the field, off the field. He’s a tremendous person. I always tried to be around him and tried to be the best I can.”

Sorry about that Theo.  What do you mean Baez isn’t going to get called up in April? Right again, Theo. There’s a reason the guy has won two World Series.

Believe it.


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