The Great White Northside


The Cubs rolled into Hogtown last night and well, the Toronto Blue Jays put on a Stro, Man. That was bad I admit it. The worst part came when my now infamous words, “This ball has second deck written all over it.” I have witnesses seconds before Jose Bautista made one fan happy. 8-0

“It’s one of those situations where you’re trying to make a pitch that if he doesn’t swing, you put him on, and if he does he’s probably out,” Turner said. “And like I said, I didn’t execute when I needed to. It’s a big moment in the game. That’s on me. If we get through that inning from where we’re at, it’s a totally different game.”

My allegiance was split last night because the Jays are in a Wild Card chase and so I was kind of happy they won. Just a bit. Jacob Turner pitched ok last night, it was just the Jays were hitting him deep on just about every one.

Well, then there was Marcus Stroman, the rookie pitcher for the Jays who deserved the Complete Game. I always say, if you want to measure the pure awesomeness of a pitcher, look at their Complete Games and that’ll tell you how good they are. 

“His ball was moving. He had everything working,” said Valaika, who also struck out twice. “It was more than just his fastball. First time around he was getting ahead with that fastball and then later in the game he started flipping that slider in. He had great stuff and great fastball command and kept us off-balance all game.”

Believe it.





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