Cubs Wish They Were The Kansas City Royals


Is everyone else just as excited as I am about the MLB playoffs? Yeah, so it’s not the Cubs in it this year but I’ve been cheering on the Kansas City Royals and their historic victory the other night in the Wild Card matchup against the Oakland Athletics. Believe me, I stayed up to watch the entire game and what a beauty it was. So, it’s awesome that their winning ways are continuing against the Angels.

Even though the Cubs season is done, Theo Epstein has been fielding questions in regards to next year’s team.

“There’s a day coming when all of our young talent will be here, and it will have all matured,” Epstein said. “There’s a day coming when we’ll have that impact talent from outside the organization, significant investments made possible in part by the presence of those many good young players. There’s a day coming when we’ll fully have learned how to win. There’s a day coming when we’ll be playing in a newly restored Wrigley Field. There’s a day coming when we’ll have an elite payroll thanks to a new TV deal.

“That day is probably not 2015 — we’re not going to accomplish all those things in 2015. But do we have a chance to take a significant step forward and do we have the talent to compete for an NL Central title if things go our way and we continue to work hard? Absolutely.” said Epstein.

So, that begs the question, “Will the Cubs be joining in the Jon Lester sweepstakes?” then again, James Shields might be in the hunt for a new team and there’s also a possibility that Jeff Samardzija could be back with the club.

I’m picking Lester for a great off season signing.

Whoever the Cubs do decide in picking up, the general feeling amongst all Cubs fans and apparently management, is the Cubs are going to bean aggressive club come springtime and maybe not a favourite to win the championship, but certainly a contender for the post season.

Believe it.


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