The Kansas City Royals Clicking Their Heels


Want to know what I love about the MLB Playoffs? Of course you do. I’m a sucker for those Cinderella teams that seem to take hold of everyone’s imagination, well, unless you’re a Los Angeles Angels fan. Yes, Fairy Tales do come true in the #PostSeason magic of a little sport called baseball.

Yesterday, the Kansas City Royals clicked their heels three times and said, “There’s no place like home” as they routed the Los Angeles Angels 8-3. Yeah, it’s those Angels with big wings sprouting out on the sides of name badges across the backs of players named Mike Trout,Albert Pujols, and Howie Kendricks. Those little Angels who were treated Royally by Kansas City.

Is that too flowery?

“I’m more happy for the fans than anyone else, because they waited a long time to get to this point,” owner David Glass said, drenched in champagne in the clubhouse celebration. “But listen, we’re not at the end. We’re at the beginning of something that could be really good.”

For a city that is more famous for Ruby slippers than sports lately, this is exciting times to be wearing the blue. These are exciting days if you’re George Brett talking about the good ol’ days and these are awesome moments for those Kansas City Royals players, fans and family members who struggled through the lean times, forked over big playoff dollars for a seat and travelled from Oz to return to Kansas City to watch their sons, brothers and “Daddys” compete for a chance at glory.

“It’s an unbelievable atmosphere,” James Shields said. “This is a special time in this city right now, and they’re enjoying this as much as we are.”

And if you’re a Cubs fan, don’t worry I’ll be writing about Chicago this time next year. Consider this a draft.

Believe it.



  1. Precious Sanders · October 7, 2014

    Of course I’m going to like this since it’s the Royals 😉 But yes, this is definitely an exciting time in the Kansas City area.


  2. Dave · October 19, 2014

    I am always rooting for a team like the Royals. Perhaps it is their turn for royalty. Look forward to strong Cubbies year in 2015!


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