Cubs Convention and a Canuck Cubbie


With less than fifty days before Pitchers and Catchers report, the Cubs have predicaments with their lineup that are good problems to have. First off, the Sporting News predicts that the Cubs are going to win it all. Um yeah, I’m an optimistic kind of guy, but perhaps that’s a stretch. I think a Wild Card berth and maybe a good post season run. Ok, ok, if they win it all I’m not going to be surprised. After all, the Sporting News hasn’t gotten it right the last few years. Take it with a grain of salt, is what my grandmother used to say.

Second, the Cubs Convention comes up next weekend and to nobody’s surprise, is sold out. I wish I could be there, but there’s a whole pack load of snow in the Great White North to make the trip. I’m there in spirit Starlin, Anthony and Jon. I hope it’s a good one! Oh, and if anyone sees a Sammy Sosa sighting, locate security.

World Series predictions aside, the Cubs are going to be lethal in their lineup. Imagine a scenario of Rizzo hitting behind Bryant? or a cluster of Castro and Soler. Of course Baez has been getting the practice in and he’ll be hitting a lot more than swatting flies.

The pitching rotation of Lester, Arrieta, Hendricks, Hammel and Wood/Jackson will give the bullpen a much needed break in the deep department. Notice I didn’t say depth? That’s because I have a funny feeling that there could be a Cy Young contender in that pitching rotation.

All right, so I’m interested to know about other Cubs fans in Canada. I wish there were conventions in the Great White North, but I’ll just have to be content in leading the fan club of the Great White Northside.

My predictions for 2015?

The Cubs are going to be good. They’re going to be damn good, with the opportunity to excite fans the world over in 2015.

Is this going to be a Back To The Future prediction? No, but the Chicago Cubs will have a Hollywood ending.

Just not this year. Next year.

Believe it.

PS: If you see Sammy Sosa lurking around Wrigley, let me know.

One comment

  1. Minoring In Baseball · January 12, 2015

    I’m excited to see the Cubs this season, also. Still hoping things work out so we can make to Wrigley and South Bend, but we’ll see.
    The Tigers are having a convention in northern Michigan, which is good because I don’t like going to Detroit. I’ll see if I can make that one, too.


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